Have you been thinking about purchasing a new car but shy away from brand new models? Here at Redding Subaru, we offer an extensive pre-owned inventory of Subaru sedans, SUVs, and crossovers. Not only are these models pre-owned, but they're also Certified pre-owned, which means a factory-trained technician completed a 360° inspection to ensure they meet expectations and standards. Here are the top five reasons to purchase a Certified pre-owned Subaru from Redding Subaru.

Know Exactly What You're Getting

One of the top five reasons to purchase a Certified pre-owned Subaru model: you know the exact condition of your new-to-you car. As mentioned previously, for a pre-owned Subaru to become certified, it must pass a thorough inspection. The technician inspects the engine, bumper, lights, interior materials, and more. When a vehicle becomes Certified pre-owned, Red Bluff drivers know, without a doubt, the exact state of their vehicle. Spoiler alert: it will seem nearly brand-new.

Save Time

If you already know you want a Subaru model (we don't blame you – they're great!), why not shop our Certified pre-owned inventory instead of local ads or social media posts? Here at Redding Subaru, you can look at numerous models at one time, making your decision much easier.

Save Money

Not only do you save time by buying a Certified pre-owned Subaru, but you will also likely save money. Subaru models are well-known for holding their value, this is true, but regardless, as soon as a brand new car leaves our lot, it exponentially loses value. When you purchase a Certified pre-owned Subaru, you can buy a like-new car for a used car price. That's what we call a win-win.

Ensure High Quality

We've touched on this perk, but buying a Certified pre-owned Subaru, like the Subaru Forester or Impreza, ensures you receive a car in excellent condition. As long as Shasta Lake Subaru drivers keep up with routine maintenance, a Certified pre-owned Subaru can last quite a long time.

Qualify for a Warranty

Did you know that many Certified pre-owned Subaru models are still eligible for warranties? This perk makes them seem even more like a brand new car!

As you can see, buying a Certified pre-owned Subaru has many perks. Our Certified pre-owned inventory here at Redding Subaru awaits! Stop by today to take your favorite Subaru models for a test drive around Redding.

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