Are you searching for a new Subaru model? Most Redding drivers depend on the Redding Subaru Finance Center to help them find an affordable car that is perfect for their lifestyle. Before you visit, read some common questions about financing at Redding Subaru.

What's the difference between leasing and financing?

The biggest difference: ownership vs. renting. When you finance a car, it's similar to buying a house or other major purchase. You apply for financing, a bank approves you with an interest rate, the bank pays the dealership for the car, and you pay back the bank in monthly payments.

When you lease a car, you have a few restrictions because you would technically be renting the car from the dealership. The restrictions include annual mileage caps and the inability to customize your Subaru. Some Redding drivers prefer this option because, after a few years, you have the option to buy the car or start a new lease for a new model.

How do I apply for financing?

You can apply for financing before you visit our dealership or even pick out a car. It's actually easier to apply for financing before picking out a Subaru because then Shasta Lake drivers can search for cars within their financial budget.

Can I finance a pre-owned Subaru?

Absolutely! We also offer Certified pre-owned Subaru models, which allows Red Bluff drivers a chance to own a like-new Subaru without paying like-new prices.

Can I lease a pre-owned Subaru?

Unfortunately, leasing is only available for brand new Subaru models.

I'm ready! How do I get started?

We are thrilled to work with you. Visit Redding Subaru's Finance Center to learn more about financing or leasing your next Subaru model. Our dealership offers Subaru sedans, SUVs, and crossovers for all our neighbors in Redding, Shasta Lake, and Red Bluff. Our finance department hopes to see you soon.

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