Looking for Subaru Recall Information? We Can Help at Redding Subaru

For your safety, Subaru issues recall notices for vehicles that may need a replacement part to fix a vehicle issue that has become common among its models that doesn't relate to routine services. These recalls are made public for Subaru drivers to be aware, and get their vehicle fixed at no cost. If you're not sure if your vehicle is part of a recall, you can use our online form which allows you to check with your VIN.

Check for Subaru Recall Notices

All you need to do is put in your VIN and that will let you know if you have a Subaru that currently has any recall. For many Subaru owners you should also get something in the mail regarding your vehicle too, but this is a quick and effective way of knowing for sure. If your Subaru comes up as having a current recall that needs repair, call our service center. We'll schedule you for an appointment and fix the issue for you at no cost. We provide quick and simple recall repairs and will have your vehicle back and ready to perform at its best in short order, while still providing the highest quality of care and service.

If it's a recall that might require the vehicle to stay overnight or it needs to be shipped to a larger Subaru service base where more complex repairs for recalls are performed, you can utilize our loaner vehicles so you're not missing a beat without your Subaru in Redding, Shasta Lake and Red Bluff.

Contact Us Today for Subaru Recall Information

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at Redding Subaru. We can make sure you have all the up to date information on your Subaru and its status, plus if you're in need of any routine repairs we can also help you there as well, so schedule an appointment today.